Sharda University

Sharda University


1 The purpose of this MoU is to develop academic and educational co-operation and to promote mutual understanding between the academic institutions.

2 This MOU signifies a Statement of intent to collaborate, and is not a legally binding document.

3 The two academic institution agree to purpose the following collaborative activities in the academic areas of mutual interest, on the basis of equality and reciprocity:-

            3.1 Exchange of Faculty and Administrative staff.

            3.2 Exchange of Scholars, Graduate and Undergraduate students.

            3.3 Promotion of Research, Academic and Cultural Activities.

            3.4 Joint Programs for Skill Development/Faculty Development and Management Development.

            3.5 Conducting Joint Training/Workshops/Seminars and visits to Industries/Corporate House, visits for The students.

            3.6 Short term customized courses, visit by students on credit transfer, study abroad programmer.

            3.7 Conducting collaborative research projects.

            3.8 Conducting lectures and organizing symposia.

            3.9 Sharing of academic information and materials for mutual benefits.

           3.10 Promoting collaboration in fields of mutual interest.

           3.11 Promoting other academic co-operation as mutually agreed.

           3.12 Joint articulation/degree program.

           3.13 Sharda University will share its expertise and will provide consultancy over various technologies

           / Upgradation of Ghalib University in terms of Technology/Administration/Accreditation and academic son mutually agreed terms and conditions.