Information About Feraidun Sufizada

Feraidun Sufizada

Faculty of Economics

Feraidun Sufizada was born in June 1985 in Deh Afghanan, Kabul. He studied in Nazuwana Primary School in Kabul, then he studied in Sultan Ghiassudin Secondary School in Mazar-e-Sharif and finally he graduated from Ibn-e-Sina High School in Kabul.

In 2006, he got admitted in Islamic Sharia in Balkh University and in 2007 he was elected for a MBA Scholarship Program to Belgorod, Russia. After years of studies, he was graduated as a Master of Business Administration. Besides his studies in Russia, he was the director of Foreign Student’s Association and Communications Officer in the same University that he was studying in. In 2013, he returned to Afghanistan and in 2014 was hired as the Finance and Administrative Deputy in Payam Institute of Higher Education but after two academic semesters he resigned from the post.

In 2015, he was hired as the Dean of Economics Faculty in Saber institute of Higher Education and as a visiting professor in Ghalib University. After 3 years of hard work in Saber Institute of Higher Education, he was offered to become one of the lecturers of Ghalib University, so, he accepted the offer and resigned from Saber Institute of Higher Education. In March 2018, he was assigned as the deputy of Economics Faculty in Ghalib University and then he was assigned as the Supervisor of Economics Faculty’s Dean, and meanwhile he is the Dean of Faculty. He is eager to serve the students along with other lecturers of Ghalib University.