Information About Aisha Hamza Noorzai

Aisha Hamza Noorzai

Basic science

 Aisha Hamza Noorzai was born in Dar Abad city of Farah province in an academic family. She completed her primary school education in Pakistan and then her high school education at Maryam High School in Kabul. In 2008, after successfully passing the kankor entrance exam, she entered the field of pharmacy at Kabul University, and in 2012 she graduated from Kabul University with a degree in Pharm.D, Aisha Hamza Noorzai was hired as a lecturer in Ghalib University in 1397. After a semester of successful activity, she was appointed as the Head of the Basic Sciences Department, and cultural representations of the Dentistry Faculty in the Vice-Chancellor for Scientific, Cultural and Publication Research.

She continued as the head of the basic science department until hoot of 1398.

After her brilliant performance in the department, she appointed as the quality assurance director of the university by the University Academic Council in Hoot of 1398.

In addition to administrative activities, she has devoted more time to academic activities and has more significant activities in this regard.


  • Translating and collecting of molecular cell biology2

  • Collecting a small book for molecular laboratory practical work.