Introduction to Alumni Relations Coordinator

Name: Sodabeh Baktaash

Father’s Name: Abdul Basir Baktaash

Position: Alumni Relations Coordinator

Degree: Bachelor’s

Field of Study: Economics

Graduation Year: 2016

University: Ghalib University

Joining date: 21 March 2019

Employer: Ghalib University

Contact Number: 0787566251

Email Address:

Permanent Residence: Panjsheer

Current Residence: Khawja Bughra, Kabul

The purpose of the Alumni Relations Department

This department is established in order to keep close relationships with the alumni of the University who graduated from the University since 2015. The alumni relations coordinator will ensure to keep contacts with the alumni through email, telephone and other social media in order to ensure where how many of the Alumni are employed or unemployed. The coordinator ensures to maintain good relationship with the alumni and communicate their challenges back to the President of the University. Mandate of the department include:

  • To maintain relationship with the alumni who graduated between 2015 to 2018;
  • To collaborate with other committees of the University;
  • To maintain close relationship with the heads of the four faculties of the University (Law and Political Science, Economics, Medical Science, and Stomatology);
  • To ensure job opportunities for the alumni;
  • To conduct meetings with the heads of the faculties;
  • To prepare and submit reports to the President of the University;

Means of communications:

  1. Telephone;
  2. Social media (Messenger and Viber);

A brief Alumni report:

  • Number and percentages of the alumni; percentage of those who are employed and unemployed;
  • Number and percentage of the alumni employed in their major and those who don’t;
  • The list of alumni from all four faculties yet to be prepared; so far the department has not discussed anything with the alumni yet;