Chancellor’s Message

Chancellor’s Message

More than anything else, today Afghanistan needs to invest and build its professional and academic cadres. Investment in human capital for some does not look to be a serious issue, however, it is a significant investment that can be considered as the most important factor in overcoming the challenges and miseries in this country. Establishment of private higher education institutions has revolutionized growth of cadres of the country and has created educational opportunities for Afghan citizens inside the country.

Along with the state and private universities and higher education institutes, Ghalib University will be one key pillar of the country’s higher education and academia. These universities and institutes perform in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) laws, decrees, regulations and guidelines. Ghalib University is strongly committed to these legislations. Having a strategy and action plan is foundational and essential in advancing private higher education, for which a program that coordinates and reinforces high quality education is key. Ghalib University in accordance with its vision and mission has developed a five-year strategic plan that strives for excellence in education through which it aims to contribute to economic and social development in the country.

We believe the most important goals of higher education in Afghanistan three fold. One to educate specialized human resources that can meet the demands of the society; second to conduct academic and scientific research and lastly to generate knowledge. Higher education institutes have a central role in facilitating as well as accelerating sustainable development, hence higher education both in terms of quality and quantity should meet the demands of a society. We believe developing high quality education cannot be achieved unless we evaluate educational systems of the private institutions in terms of quality. Ghalib University in accordance to instructions and guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) employs academic methods in order to ensure to continuously enhance its services to provide high quality education and specialized research.

We are very optimistic about the future of Ghalib University. Based on the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education, directorate of quality assurance, and the university’s quality assurance committees, we will strive to achieve our vision and goals in accordance to laws and regulations and we will ensure to remain competitive in the sector by pursuing our academic aspirations. Therefore, by using every opportunity and employing any resources needed, we are committed to move forward in order to reach our goals for highest possible academic achievements; this way we will turn Ghalib University into a major center of science, excellence and knowledge at the country level. We will take strong and steady steps forward to make Ghalib University a dominant and dynamic center for higher education.

We believe enlightenment through spreading knowledge shall help with improving security, increased prosperity and welfare. It will also ensure people live in harmony and coexistence. As we advance in science and knowledge, we shall be able to eradicate economic and cultural poverty, end war and prevent miseries. Lastly, we should not forget action speaks louder; we have to put our words into action otherwise words will remain confined on papers and they are subject to be forgotten.

At the end I would like to thank our faculty, lecturers, professors, and our dedicated staff members who took part in the second round of self-assessment that led to this report.


Assistant Professor Dr. Faridulhaq Sohail


Ghalib University