Message from the Chancellor Ghalib University – Kabul

Message from the Chancellor Ghalib University – Kabul

Ghalib University – Kabul as one of the pioneer institutions of higher learning and education in the private sector in Afghanistan, has embarked on the promotion of science and knowledge for the youths and the creation of a conducive environment to ensure imparting education for all in the country.
For more than ten years, this university has provided education for thousands of Afghan girls and boys across the country. With innovative approach to low cost quality higher education, Ghalib University has offered opportunities for all those interested in learning, researching as well as teaching. 
This university’s mission is to expand its activities to other parts of the country and to provide students with knowledge and information on contemporary developments in various disciplines and innovative learning and teaching methods.
I, Mohammad Ishaq Noori, as the Chancellor of this university would like to extend my best regards to all students who have chosen Ghalib University for their studies. We are seeking Allah (S.W.T) Almighty’s help in your endeavors to pursue knowledge in this university and for your future undertakings in life.

Thank you

Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Noori


Ghalib University