Cultural and Publication Committee

Cultural and Publication Committee


Today the significance of culture is known to everyone. Many social scholars have studied culture and its impacts on the other aspects of social issues and human life. In general sociologists consider culture as “Cement” that brings coherence and binds people together and prevents separation. These scholars consider culture is needed for human societies and they believe there is no society without a culture. They believe existence of human beings is dependent on culture: "without culture we wouldn’t have the same sense and meaning from human beings as we have today; we won’t have a language to speak with and we wouldn’t have self-awareness as we have today; and without culture our ability to think and to reason would have also been very limited.

Given the significant roles of culture in a society it is therefore necessary to pay considerable attention to promoting culture and teaching cultural issues in the country, since we believe such an intervention helps the country to revive. Over the past four decades of political instability Afghanistan has lost many of its cultural heritages. Perhaps we can claim that many of the current political and economic problems in our society are rooted in cultural problems. There are various entities and institutions in societies that are engaged in promotion of culture. Universities in particular have key considerable roles; universities can not only equip the youth with knowledge, but also with culture.

An introduction to cultural committee of the faculty:

The cultural committee of the faculty of law and political science composed of members of cadres who are permanent lectures at the faculty.  The committee independent and actively began its works in the spring semester of 2018. The committee strives to strengthen cultural values of the country through its works at the faculty of the University. Considering the cultural norms, the committee ensures to identify the needs of the society and builds students’ cultural values. One of the lecturers who is a member of cadre of the faculty is appointed to lead the committee. The chairperson of the the committee acts as the coordinator and head of the committee.

Job description of the committee:

  • To raise awareness through cultural pamphlets and announcements;
  • To organize cultural events in different occasions for students and communities;
  • To provide cultural services for students through book introduction, academic and cultural websites, book reading competitions, etc.
  • To follow up on students’ complaints, criticisms, and suggestions on cultural issues;
  • To assess and follow up on students’ educational tours and trips inside the country;
  • To follow up on the regular purchase of newspapers and magazines useful for students;
  • To execute cultural affairs as suggested by the University Cultural committee;
  • To promote a cultural of mutual respect and social acceptance;
  • To promote the good culture of protection of environment and cleanliness;
  • To promote protection of intellectual rights;
  • To promote protection of public assets and national wealth;

Members of the Cultural Committee of the Faculty include:

No. Full Name Degree Field of Study  Department Faculty Position Contact
1 Mohammad Hasan Faqeri Master’s International Relations Diplomacy Law and Political Science Lecturer (Member of Cadre) 0770027283
2 Said Mohammad Hussaini Master’s Crime and Criminology Judiciary Law and Political Science Capacity building manager 0747910319
3 Said Abul Hasan Baqeri Master’s Crime and Criminology Judiciary Law and Political Science Head of department 9782800725
4 Mohammad Aman Ataee Master’s Private law Diplomacy Law and Political Science Lecturer (Member of Cadre) 0772120403
5 Mohammad Fahim Jawid Master’s Crime and Criminology Judiciary Law and Political Science Head of the Judiciary and Prosecution department 074768666
6 Ahmad Reza Danish Master’s Political Science Diplomacy Law and Political Science Head of Diplomacy Department 0788335355
7 Mohammad Aref Ahmadi Ph.D. Crime and Criminology Law Law and Political Science Lecturer (Member of Cadre) 0749553593
8 Khodayar Saeed Master’s Jurisprudence and Law   Judiciary Law and Political Science Lecturer 0767628294