Diplomacy and Administration

Diplomacy and Administration

The department of diplomacy and administration was opened a year after the University was established. Since the department was opened several program of studies has been completed and today every year students graduate from the department of the faculty in Kabul. The vision and mission of the department is enshrined in the University’s five-year Strategic Plan.


The department of diplomacy and administration of the faculty believes Afghanistan’s current problems and challenges are in the absence of an educated human resources in administration and diplomacy.


The mission of the department of diplomacy and administration of the faculty is committed to:

  • Educating human resources in diplomacy and politics;
  • Providing standard education programs in political science by well-experienced lectures who holds doctoral and Master’s degrees;
  • Striving to produce local knowledge based on the specific needs of the country;
  • Expanding a culture of research and studies to address social problems;
  • Developing a culture of social acceptance and compatibility and strengthening national identity;

Introduction to head and members of the department:

At the moment the department has 4 permanent and 7 contracting lecturers

Management of the Department:

Mr. Ahmad Reza Danesh is leading the department since fall semester 2018. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with a specialization on political theories from Tehran University. At the moment he is a Ph.D. candidate of political science at Tajik National University (Tajikistan). To date he has published numerous works including the book “Middle Way: Afghanistan, Religious Intellectualism and Transformation of Political Theory in Islam” and his translated works include: “Understanding War in Afghanistan” from Joseph Collins and “Afghanistan, Minorities, Conflict and the Search for Peace” by Peter Marsden.

Prof. Mehrab Ali Safdari:

He holds a Master's Degree in political science. He is one of the well-experienced lecturers of the department who has numerous publications in the form of academic articles and papers.

Prof. Gulabshah Amani:

Mr. Amani holds a Master’s degree in sociology and at the moment he is also a doctoral student of sociology studies at Shiraz University.

Prof. Mohammad Hassan Faqeri:

He has studied international relations at Tehran University and has experience of teaching at different universities of Afghanistan. Prof. Faqeri has also published several publications.