Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

Ghalib dental clinic was established in 2011 at the same time when the faculty of stomatology was established. The clinic has always strived for providing quality services in order to support and enhance students’ learning and education. Initially when the clinic was established students had access to three sets of dental equipment for their practical learning. However, today there are 5 sets for each sub-departments of the faculty of stomatology (surgical, internal, pediatrics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics and periodontics). The clinic in addition to providing learning opportunities for students offers dental services to the citizens. The clinic is well-equipped and with professional dentists it offers quality teaching and services.

The faculty of Stomatology has two departments: the department of Principles of Surgical Stomatology and the department of Internal Stomatology; each with their own lecturers. The lecturers who work at the dental clinic are specialists in their own fields of studies and have excellent experiences in their work.

The organizational structure of Ghalib dental clinic

The organizational structure of Ghalib dental clinic – lecturers

Sections of the dental clinic

The organizational structure of Ghalib dental clinic – staff members

The dental clinic facilities:

Laser dental filling;

Dental prostheses;

Tooth whitening (bleaching);


Pediatric dentistry;

Dental X-Ray;

Ghalib dental clinic is staffed with specialists and well-experienced staff and is well-equipped and is available to offer dental services to the citizens.

Working hours: 8am - 5pm

Contact number: 0782430770