Department of Basic Sciences

Department of Basic Sciences

In fall 2017 the department of core courses was established in the faculty.  With University’s expansion in human and physical resources, the academic council of the faculty proposed and the academic council of the University endorsed establishment of two separate departments of surgical stomatology and internal stomatology.

Job description of head of the department:

  • To oversee the activities of the department and hold regular meetings;
  • To explain the courses to the lecturers and academic members of the faculty;
  • To take appropriate actions on decisions made at the departmental meetings;
  • To ensure addressing deficiencies and shortcomings;
  • To supervise application of standards in teaching methodologies and to assess research projects conducted by academic staff for promotion proposes;
  • To supervise application of the curriculums and syllabus and all theoretical and practical teachings;
  • To provide sound workplace environment for quality education and research activities at the department;
  • To propose initiatives and innovations that can boost department and faculty growth;
  • To prepare and submit reports about the activities of the department;


The department of principles of internal stomatology is determined to offer high standard education and research in the next five years. It is also determined to recruit specialized lecturers and members of cadre to provide quality teachings in stomatology courses based on the needs of the country. In addition, the department is committed to offer state-of-the-art scientific research on dental diseases.


The department of principles of internal stomatology is committed to educate committed and dedicated specialists in stomatology in accordance to government laws, and Islamic and humane values so that they can better serve those in need in the country.


The department strives to respect all values in the spirit of the Afghan legislations, guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Ghalib’s regulations and terms of references.

Responsibilities and Commitments:

The department is committed to pay attention to principles, regulations and strategic plan of the faculty while providing education services. Objectives and mandate of the department was approved by the academic council of the faculty in April 2, 2010 and is registered under protocol number 13.

Department of  Basic Sciences Strategic Plan :

Strategic Plan

Courses taught at the department include:

  • Physics & Biophysics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Genetics
Department of Principles of Internal Stomatology Organizational Structure
Head of the Department 1 (Lecturer)
Members of the Department 4 (Lecturers )
Total 5 Lecturers