Principles of Dental Medicine

The department of internal stomatology was established in fall 2017. Previously courses were thought under clinic and para-clinic divisions. With University’s expansion in human and physical resources, the academic council of the faculty proposed and the academic council of the University endorsed the establishment of two separate departments of surgical stomatology and internal stomatology.

The job description of the head of the department:

  • To oversee the activities of the department and hold regular meetings;
  • To explain the courses to the lecturers and academic members of the faculty;
  • To take appropriate actions on decisions made at the departmental meetings;
  • To ensure addressing deficiencies and shortcomings;
  • To supervise the application of standards in teaching methodologies and to assess research projects conducted by academic staff for promotion proposes;
  • To supervise application of the curriculums and syllabus and all theoretical and practical teachings;
  • To provide a sound workplace environment for quality education and research activities at the department;
  • To propose initiatives and innovations that can boost department and faculty growth;
  • To prepare and submit reports about the activities of the department;

The following courses are taught at the department:

  • Oral Medicine (Operative Dentistry, Endodontics)
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontology 
  • Dental Material
Department of Principles of Internal Stomatology Organizational Structure
Head of the Department 1 (Lecturer)
  Members of the Department 3 (Lecturers)
Total 4 Lecturers