Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee

The disciplinary committee of the faculty is responsible to ensure discipline and order and regularly conducts meetings on a monthly basis. The committee assesses any disruptions and outbreaks of disorders by students, faculty and other administrative and academic staff and reports them to the head of the faculty. One of the lecturers leads the committee and is responsible to organize committee meetings.

The disciplinary committee has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To make sure providing a sound and healthy workplace environment for lecturers, academic staff and students at the university level;
  • To make sure preventing students' offensive behavior against lecturers, other students, and other staff of the University;
  • To make sure preventing destructive, damaging and anti-academic activities of the students at the University;
  • To make sure preventing any conducts and behavior that are against the ethics, national and Islamic value of the country at the University;
  • To identify students who cause disorders and disrupt the healthy work environment of the University;
  • To prevent political, and party related and other activities that are in contrast to academic and educational mandate of the University;
  • To assess and to appropriate disciplinary penalties for students and staff members who misconduct and disrupt order at the university level.
  • To listen to complaints of the students and staff and to treat the disputing parties fairly and justly.
  • To deal with complaints of students, lecturers and other staff members on time;

The members of the faculty disciplinary committee include:

No  Full Name Degree Field of Study Department Faculty Position Contact
1 Shukria Ehsani Master’s Anatomy Anatomy Medical Science Chairperson   0781118317
2 Noor Aqa Akramzadeh Specialist   Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0744001099
3 Abdul Hannan Ezzatmal Master’s Physiology Pathology Medical Science Member 0744170286
4 Noorullah Shafiee Specialist   Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Medical Science Member 0797758560
5 Zabihullah Adib Specialist   Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member  
6  Asia Timoory Specialist   Pediatrics Pathology Medical Science Member 0744932663
7 Hamdard Master’s Micro biology Pathology Medical Science Member 0781999045