Curriculum Development Committee

Curriculum Development Committee

The committee is responsible for improving the curriculum and organizes regular meetings with departments of the faculty. It ensures to collect comments and feedback on the curriculum. It is also responsible to communicate any improvements and further development of the current curriculum to the University Curriculum Development committee. One of the lecturers is responsible to lead the committee, oversee the assignments and organize regular meetings.

Roles and responsibilities of the committee include the following:

  • To review and check the curriculum in order to identify rooms for improvement;
  • To prepare educational needs-assessment questionnaire;
  • To compare the current curriculum with those of other regional and international universities in order to propose improvements;
  • To propose changes in credit hours and the syllabus for each semester as required by the academic council;

To analyze and consolidate needs-assessment questionnaires and to prepare a report about them;

  • To divide and assign tasks and responsibilities among members of the committee in accordance with curriculum and syllabus in each semester;
  • To check and examine curriculum is implemented in accordance with procedures in each semester;
  • To assign lecturers for teaching courses based on their expertise and specialization and based on their schedule and the curriculum of the faculty;
  • And lastly, to undertake other duties and responsibilities according to the bylaw and procedures of the committee.

 : Members of the committee include

No  Full Name Degree Field of Study Department Faculty Position Contact
1 Noor Aqa Shafiee Specialist   Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Medical Science Chairperson 0797758560
2 Shukria Ehsani Master’s Anatomy Anatomy Medical science Member 0781118317
3 Zabihullah Adib Specialist Surgery Surgery Medical science Member 0783160090
4 Abdul Hannan Ezzatmal Master’s Physiology Pathology Medical Science Member 0744170286
5 Noor Aqa Akramzadeh Specialist   Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0744001099
6 Asia Timoory Specialist   Internal Medicine Pathology Medical Science Member 0744932663
7 Masood Nasrat Specialist   Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0700218166
8 Moallem Zadeh Ph.D. Microbiology Pathology Medical Science Member 0789700459
   9 Said Mohammad Reza Hussaini Master’s Environmental health Internal Medicine Medical Science Member 0798463153