Cultural and Publication Committee

Cultural and Publication Committee

The cultural affairs committee is responsible to implement guidelines introduce by the publications and cultural affairs department of the university. The committee supports the faculty to organize cultural events. One of the lecturers from the faculty is responsible to lead the committee and its activities.

The Publication and Scientific Research committee has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To ensure participation of lecturers in conducting academic and scientific research;
  • To ensure providing facilities for lecturers as well as students for their capacity building;
  • To assist with publication of magazines, journals, books, collecting materials for publications, translation of books and research articles and distribution of the publications and textbooks;
  • To liaison research and academic affairs of the university with other credible regional and international universities;
  • To oversee and provide guidance on the faculty research works;
  • To assist in generating revenue through faculty scientific research;
  • To review curriculums and ensure innovative teaching contents;

The members of the publications and cultural committee include:

No  Full Name Degree Field of Study Department Faculty Position Contact
1 Said Mohammad Reza Hussaini Master’s Environmental Health Internal Medicine Medical Science Chairperson 0798463153
2 Shukria Ehsani Master’s Anatomy Anatomy Medical Science Member 0781118317
3 Masood Nasrat Specialist Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0700218166
4 Noor Aqa Akramzadeh Specialist Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0744001099
5 Abdul Qader Faqeri Specialist Surgery Hospitals’ Liaison Office Medical Science Member 0790096960
6  Asia Timoory Specialist Internal Medicine Pathology Medical Science Member 0744932663
7 Mohibullah Zagham MD  General Pathology Medical Science Member 0799421004
8 Asra Habib MD General Anatomy Medical Science Member 0744067691