Quality Assurance Committee

Quality Assurance Committee

The quality improvement committee of the faculty is responsible to implement all standards introduced by the University’s department of quality improvement; the committee assists other departments to also ensure these standards in order to improve their quality of education. The quality assurance committee meets regularly on a monthly basis and assigns one person leading the meetings and all other affairs of the committee.

The quality assurance committee has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To implement quality and accreditation programs;
  • To pay considerable attention to enhancing academic and quality of education;
  • To oversee self-assessment of the faculties and departments;
  • To prepare the department’s self-assessment report;
  • To suggest workshops for improving quality of education;
  • To provide the committee with self-assessment reports of each faculty and any other required documents and reports for reviewing academic activities of the faculties and departments;
  • To propose core members of the self-assessment committee for the faculty and for its academic council;
  • To identify and assign tasks and responsibilities for members of the self-assessment committee;
  • To assign tasks and responsibilities to members of the committee for timely preparation of any required documents required for improving quality education;
  • To ensure timely completion of forms and the questionnaires for assessment;
  • To ensure collecting data and information in a transparent, accurate and dignified way on academic an teaching methodologies implemented;
  • To divide tasks among members for detailed analysis of the assessment data;
  • To announce the results and findings of the assessment to all departments on time;
  • To identify challenges during the assessment and provide constructive recommendations for addressing such challenges;
  • And lastly, to undertake other duties and responsibilities according to the bylaw and procedures of the committee.

: Members of the quality assurance committee include

No. Full Name Degree Field of Study Department Faculty Position Contact
1 Asia Timoory Specialist Pediatrics Pathology Medical Science Chairperson 0744932663
2 Shukria Ehsani Master’s Anatomy Anatomy Medical Science Member 0781118317
3 Zabihullah Adib Specialist Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0783160090
4 Abdul Hannan Ezzatmal Master’s Physiology Pathology Medical Science Member 0744170286
5 Masood Nasrat Specialist Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0781553256
6 Abdul Qader Faqeri Specialist Surgery Surgery Medical Science Member 0790096960
7 Abdul Munir Jalalzai Bachelor Pharmacy Laboratory Medical Science Member 0777722212
8 Noorullah Shafiee Specialist Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Medical Science Member 0797758560
9 Jamshid Mehrpoor Specialist Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Medical science Member 0775734608
10 Said Mohammad Reza Hussaini Ph.D. Environmental Health Internal Medicine Medical Science Member 0798463153
11 Habiburahman Hamdard Master’s Microbiology Internal Medicine Medical Science Member 0781999045
12 Abulqasim Baqeri Master’s Histology Anatomy Medical Science Member 0775734608
13 Marzia Mousavi Master’s Microbiology Pathology Medical Science Member 0784474584
14 Marina Kohistani M.D General Anatomy Medical Science Member 098727418