In fall 2015 the Para-clinic Department of the University was established. In fact, the department is a faculty and is responsible to regulate academic affairs and para-clinical courses


In the next five years the Department of Anatomy will be a prominent and prestigious department at Ghalib University and across medical faculties in Afghanistan through offering high quality education and research and it will be led by a professional group of members of cadre.


The Department of Anatomy is committed to provide result-based and high quality education in anatomy courses offered by members of cadres and lecturers so that students can acquire para-clinical knowledge and skills they need to better serve the society and communities in the future. Main courses of the department include anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, biochemistry, microbiology, biology, genetics, chemistry and biophysics.

In fall 2017 based on the decision of academic council of the University the para-clinic department was separated into anatomy and pathology departments.  In spring 2019 the academic council decided to establish the department of core courses for Physics, biophysics, chemistry, biology, and genetics. At present anatomy, histology and embryology courses are thought at the department.

Structure of the Department

Organizational structure of the department of anatomy includes head of the department, head of the faculty, deputy head of the faculty, members of the Academic Council, students’ affairs manager, lecturers, members of the Quality Assurance Committee, members of the laboratory, and the department librarian.

Head of the department: he/she is the most qualified individual at the faculty level who holds a master’s degree (or he/she is a specialist) in medical science. He/she is also knowledgeable in academic and administrative affairs of the university.

Permanent and contracting lecturers: at the department priority for recruitment is given to those who holds a master’s or doctoral degree in anatomy and secondly to those who are medical doctors holding a master’s degree and have previous established experience in teaching para-clinical courses.

Students’ affairs manager: he/she is one who holds a bachelor’s degree and is responsible for all students’ affairs during the semester:

Job description of head of the department:

  • Overseeing all affairs and meetings of the department; 
  • Explaining department courses to the academic members in the meetings of the department;
  • Taking appropriate actions on decisions made at the department;
  • Ensuring to address challenges, deficiencies, and shortcomings at the department;
  • Overseeing research projects and teaching activities of those lectures preparing for academic promotions in order to ensure academic standards are met;
  • Overseeing implementation of the department’s curriculum and teaching guidelines to ensure both theoretical and practical aspects of education are met;
  • Conducting all administrative duties and responsibilities;
  • Presenting monthly and annual reports of the department to the faculty and vice-president academic office;
  • Suggesting initiatives and innovations that can further develop the department and the faculty;

Meetings of department of anatomy: head of the department as the chairperson and four permanent lecturers take part in regular meetings of the department.

Lecturers of the Department
Professor Assistant Shokrya Ehsani Head of the Department
Dr. Abul Qasem Baqeri Lecturer
Dr. Hajratullah Rahmatzai Lecturer
Dr. Asra Habib Lecturer
Dr. Marina Kohestani Lecturer