It is vivid to everyone that human resource is vital for success of an institution, since the human resource is the most efficient resources to preform a task. These resources are rare, valuable, irreplaceable, and can’t be duplicated. Whenever an institution goes through tough times, it is only the human resources that can save and sustain the organization; in addition, the human resources can lead the organization to achieve its pre-defined objectives and goals.

Therefore, human resources management is part of social sciences that deals with issues related to staff recruitment, identifying personalities, and providing staff capacity training programs. The priority for the human resources management is to optimize the staff productivity and protect them against any emerging issues. Human resources and achieving the University’s aims are mutually interrelated; support to human resources is vital to achieve the University’s goals, and achieving goals of the university helps with reinforcing human resources.

Objectives of the Human Resources department

Human Resources Department of Ghalib University has the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the University’s position and status;
  • Improving the University’s employees’ performances;
  • Coordinating and empowering the University's human resources;
  • Using the University’s resources responsibly;
  • Increasing the University’s productivity, effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Aligning employees with mission of the University;
  • Ensuring employees’ satisfaction with the workplace;
  • Creating a spirit of empathy and collaboration among employees;
  • Building innovative and creative skills of the University’s employees;
  • Ensuring to achieve the University’s targeted goals and objectives;

Key roles and responsibilities of human resources department:

Even though human resources management is responsible to ensure to assist employees in achieving objectives of the University, Ghalib University identifies the following general roles and responsibilities for the department:

  • To prepare and report on the staffing structure to the Chancellor and the administrative vice chancellor office;
  • To maintain and manage good working relationships through updating different jobs descriptions;
  • To recruit, prepare tests, interview, and provide recommendations for selecting candidates; conduct and analyze interviews;
  • To prepare staff for relevant and senior management positions through conducting raining programs;
  • To take measures to support and maintain mental well-being of the employees;
  • To identify talents, motivations, interests and personalities of employees through maintaining good relations;
  • To identify human resources, to select and to recruit,
  • To develop salary scales and payroll systems;
  • To plan, monitor and evaluate staff performance through training managers on better human management skills;
  • To provide advice to the chancellor and admin vice chancellor on employees’ behaviors, qualifications, personalities, attitudes, and opinions at all times.
  • To oversee implementation of legal requirements for human resources management, to investigate violations and attend meetings;
  • To timely prepare contracts for employees contracted to work at the University;
  • To pay close attention to disciplines and order, and to encourage employees to do their jobs;
  • To coordinate and harmonize inter departmental tasks and duties in order to support achieving the University’s educational objectives;
  • To prepare the University’s organizational and staffing structures and presenting it to the administrative vice chancellor and office of the chancellor;
  • To process recruitments and contracts based on the senior management directions in accordance to regulations and on the bases of merits;
  • To dismiss contracts based on directions of the senior management and in accordance with the provisions of the Labor law and other laws of the country;
  • To assess attendance sheets and provide reports about any abnormalities regarding staff attendance;
  • To register and record staff data and information on health, quality performance, guarantee records, and any changes in their qualifications and abilities;
  • To keep staff leave forms and recreational records;
  • To collaborate with other departments as required and as demanded;
  • To preserve all present and past records and data on human resources;
  • To ensure adapting all duties and obligations of the University’s employees;
  • To perform other tasks and duties as required;

The Recruitment Process

Ghalib University with no doubt uses a transparent human resources management through which the institution hires new employees based on merits who have best education, skills and work experiences. This is done through a transparent and fair competition. There is no one appointed at the institution on the bases of personal connections. Recruitments vary at every institution since objectives and mandates differ at institutions. Recruitment process is based on priorities and it is sequential. Usually the key and most important factor taken into consideration during recruitment is the personality, attitude and behavior of a candidate. Human resources management at Ghalib considers the following key areas during the staff recruitment process:

  • Work ethics;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Innovation and flexibility;
  • Integrity and loyalty;
  • Strong communications skills (verbal and written);

We recruit in these five categories:

Personnel: There are professors who are recruited according to the teaching staff of the Ministry of Higher Education and the recruitment procedures of most of the faculty members.

  1. Members of cadre: These are lecturers who are appointed based on the academic cadres regulation of Ministry of Higher Education and that of Ghalib University;
  2. Permanent staff: these are employees who have successfully completed their three-month probationary period and who regularly work for 40 hours per week and their contract duration is not less than a year.
  3. Part time staff: these are employees who have successfully completed their probationary period and who work less than 40 hours per week.
  4. Contracting staff: these are employees who are hired for short and specific time and who are hired to teach hourly, daily or weekly (in one or more semesters);
  5. Consultants: these are employees hired to do a specific task and assignment.

The following is the process for human resource management and a detailed description demonstrating several steps we take at Ghalib University for staff recruitment. It should be noted that these are recruitment processes are subject to change based on the recruitment needs of the University:

The first stage:

No. Activity Responsible Details Remarks
1 Identifying recruitment needs Different Faculties/departments Not knowing what we want, certainly we cannot acquire it. Hence it is not enough to only know what positions we need to fill but we should also have a detailed job description of the position.  
2   Recruitment Planning (preparing job description and allocating budget) Relevant faculty/department in coordination with Human Resource Directorate When the new position is identified and job description is prepared the budget for the vacant position is approved. Ghalib University has developed a salary and benefits package based on which employees are remunerated based on their education and qualification.  
3 Approving Job Description Authoritative Person (University President) Once the job description is prepared, it will be approved by the university authority for next steps.  
4 Job Announcement Human Resource Management In this stage the approved and vacant position is announced via social media and networks.  

The second stage:

No. Activity Responsible Details Remarks
1 Receiving Applications Human Resource Management All applications along with cover letters showing their interests and qualifications will be collected in this process.  
2 Reviewing Applications Human Resource Management Once all applications received they will be closely reviewed in order to select the most qualified applicants.  
3 Selecting Applications Human Resource Management The most eligible applications will be selected.  
4 Collecting documents from listed applicants (Candidates national ID and Educational Documents) Human Resource Management In this stage we ask listed applicants to submit their educational documents      
5 Selecting Examination  Committee (Lecturers and Administration) Human Resource Management with the instruction of the university authority;   Once committee members selected, test questions prepared, time and date for tests specified and applicants tested, candidates for teaching positions (lecturers) will be asked to provide a demo lecture.  
6 Informing applicants of their writing test and selection Human Resource Management Selected applicants will be informed of their application and test results by email or phone.  
7 Assessing tests papers Examination Committee Applicants’ test papers will be carefully evaluated and scored.  
8 Informing candidates for interview and conference Human Resource Management Suggested candidates will be invited for an interview and conference  
9 Preparing a final report Human Resource Management After the interview in the presence of the Examination Committee, the top candidates will be identified; and a final report will be prepared by human resource department.  

The third stage:

No Activity Responsible Details Remarks
1 Completing health forms   Top candidate The health form that assures one's health will be  prepared by the Ghalib University Human Resource Management and completed by the top candidate  
2 Completing security clearance form Top candidate Human resources department of the University prepares the security clearance form, which will be completed by the top candidate  
3 Completing the guarantee letter Top candidate The form of a guarantee letter based on which a guarantor guarantees the candidate will be prepared by the human resource department and will be completed by the top candidates  
4 Completing the personal information form Top candidate A personal information form that assures one’s skills, abilities, competences, and previous work experience will be prepared by the human resources and will be completed by the top candidates  
5 Contracting with the top candidate Human Resource Management After successful completion of the recruitment process, a contracted will be signed between the university and the candidate.  
6 New staff orientation and introduction Human Resource Management At the last stage the new employee will be introduced by a formal letter with other departments of the university.  

Employees Capacity Building:

It is necessary for the University to apply a systematic program of training for its human resources. Ghalib University uses an organized and specific human resources development program that helps the University reach its educational and learning objectives. This process includes the following four stages:

Stage 1: Education Needs Assessment;

Stage 2: Designing Educational Plans;

Stage 3: Implementation;

Stage 4: Assessment and Evaluation;

The University undertakes these four stages. After the evaluation stage, employees will have access to sufficient data to understand the weaknesses and strengths and they will be able to take steps to address weak points.

Introduction to Human Resources Manager:

Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Saleh is responsible to manage human resources affairs at Kabul branch of the University. Mr. Yousuf was born in Kabul in 1996 in an intellectual and educated family. As a kid he was raised in his parents’ hometown MirBacha Kut where he started the primary school at age 6; he successfully graduated high school at MirBacha Khan high school. At early ages he embarked on educating himself where he was massively inspired by his father’s encouragement and support. Mr. Yousuf has remarkable intellectual achievements.

Mr. Saleh later chose Ghalib University to pursue his higher education. In 2014 after successfully passing the entrance exam he was admitted to faculty of economics of the University. After four years he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration obtaining the highest grades at the University level. As Mr. Saleh developed a passion to academic environment and work he selected Ghalib University for his professional career. Since Mr. Saleh deeply understands Ghalib’s mission, he recognizes Ghalib University as the best place from where he serves his country. He believes his decision to join the University was the best that helps him fulfill his aspirations.