Management Infomration System

Management Infomration System


Ghalib University established the Management Information system directorate in 2014. The MIS directorate has taken effective steps to ensure the automation of the processes. This ensures, enhanced capacities, increased quality of data, building transparency, and improved administrative support to the academic activities.

MIS Main Objectives:

  • Automation of systems through new and modern technology;
  • Building accountability and transparency;
  • Providing quality data to stakeholders and partners;
  • Providing analyzed information to decision-makers for achieving the strategic objective of the institutions;
  • Creating opportunities for use of modern technologies;



MIS directorate is as the center of the information management system within the university, support to institutionalize the use of new technology in the field of teaching, education, research, and development of students, using the modern technology, in line with the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the Ghalib university.


The Management Information System directorate, committed to providing use of modern technology with innovations, strives to establish accurate information and develop an effective and secure information management system for students, academic and administrative staff.