Student Association

Student Association

It was until 2018 that the University didn’t have a students’ association; however, based on needs, Ghalib’s Students Association was established in September 2018. Members of the association were elected through a transparent election. Each faculty were able to nominate their candidates and vote for their representatives. After the elections, 9 candidates were elected for the associations board of directors; the board conducted the elections during which Mr. Habibullah Sardar was elected president and Mr. Kabir Ahmad as vice president of the association.

Campaign Process for Candidates

Professor Mehrab Ali Safdari, the vice chancellor for students’ affairs took the initiative to go to each classroom and verbally introduce the association to students and encourage them to take part in the elections.

Candidates Registration

Students, after several and successive briefings, referred to the department of culture, communications and public affairs to register themselves as candidates for the vacant positions in the Students’ Association. After registration, each candidate received the association bylaw. From different faculties, students registered themselves for the elections: 13 students from Medical Science, 10 students from faculty of stomatology, 12 students from faculty of law and political science, and 8 students from faculty of economics.

Sample of registration form:










Campaign and campaign methods:

Once candidates registered for the elections, the campaign period was launched. began. Candidates went to every classroom and campaigned for themselves. The communications, cultural and public relations department produced candidates lists and installed them around hallways inside the building of the University to help candidates with their public campaign.


In the presence of vice chancellor for students’ affairs, heads of the students’ affairs departments and lecturers, elections for students’ associations of economics, and law and political science faculties were held on Wednesday 26th September 2018, and for Medical Science and Stomatology faculties on Thursday 27th September 2018. After the elections, votes were counted by the cultural, communications and public relations department in the presence of students’ representatives and heads of students’ affairs departments. As a result, the following nine candidates were elected for the board of directors of the association:

Honorable Habibullah Sardar (Medical Science)

Honorable Imal Agha Malekzadeh (Medical Science)

Honorable Mohammad Sharif Mohammadi (Medical Science)

Honorable Saif Bahaduri (Faculty of Stomatology)

Honorable Hedayatullah Ahmadi (Faculty of Stomatology)

Honorable Ahmad Shakib Hafezi (Faculty of Law and Political Science)

Honorable Rubika Azizi (Faculty of Law and Political Science)

Honorable Kabir Ahmed Sami (Faculty of Economics)

Honorable Massiullah Maqsoudi (Faculty of Economics)

Sample of Voting Ballots:










After votes were counted and board of directors for the association were elected, the board conducted an election on Thursday 4th October 2018 to elect the president and vice president of the association. Consequently, Mr. Habibullah Sardar, and Mr. Kabir Ahmad Saami were elected for associations’ president and vice president respectively.

Sample of Voting Ballots: