Manager of Reception

Manager of Reception

To ensure satisfying visitors regarding the University’s quality educational services (including academic and administrative);

Importance of the Information and Reception Desk:

The information and reception desk is the bridge between the University and the communities. The desk role is key in introducing the University to the guests and possible clients.

Objectives of the information and reception desk:

  • To provide accurate information to the visitors;
  • To ensure satisfying the visitors;
  • To provide good reception to the visitors;

Roles and Responsibilities of the information and reception desk:

  • To timely respond to the phone calls and provide appropriate information;
  • To treat visitors, students and their family members with patience and high respect that is required at an academic institution;
  • To contact and organize meetings required for the visitors demanding to meet relevant departments;
  • To appropriately guide and introduce visitors and guests to the relevant department and office;
  • To register all visitors and guests at the relevant books;
  • To receive confidential and formal documents and to submit them to the relevant department;
  • To enroll applicants for the University entrance exam by recoding their complete information in the database;
  • To provide information on registration and fees to the visitors;
  • To distribute brochures for visitors;
  • To collaborate with other staff in organizing academic seminars, conferences, and exhibitions when needed;
  • To respect staff obligations as required by the University;
  • To perform other duties assigned by the supervisor based on the regulations;

Receptionist and Information Desk Officer

Name:                                    Palwashah

Father’s Name:                    Jaandel

Last Name:                           Mehry

Position:                                Receptionist and Information Desk Officer

Degree:                                  Bachelorette (Islamic Studies)

University:                            Sayed Jamulddin Institute of Higher Education

Job joining Date:                  April 2019

Work Place:                          Ghalib University

Contact Number:                 0788435037

Email Address: