Head of sports

Head of sports


Every education institution plans to conduct recreational programs like sports and cultural programs in order to encourage and support their students study programs. Ghalib University as an academic institution promotes such programs. When proposed by the sports department, the University approved forming a futsal team at the University level.

Aster established, the sports department organized two tournaments (spring and fall) through which the futsal team of the University was selected. In the spring tournament students from all four faculties participated. Once the tournament was over, the University futsal team was formed in July 2018.

Mechanism to forming team:

In order to form the Futsal team, the University has appointed a selection committee that includes the following five members:

  1. Dr. Gulabshah Amani (vice chancellor for research, culture and publication);
  2. Professor Mehrab Ali Safdari (vice chancellor for Students’ Affairs);
  3. Professor Nasir Ahmad Nadeem (Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics);
  4. Mr. Habibullah Gardezi (Students’ Affairs Manager, Faculty of Medical Sciences);
  5. Professor Ramesh Hafizi (Sports Manager and head of lecturers’ department);

The above committee was appointed to select students for the team. After a month time, 28 students were selected and introduced to from the Futsal team. The list was further narrowed down and only 15 players were selected for team A of the University.

Contract with sports gymnasiums

After the team was formed it was felt necessary for the team to practice weekly in a sport’s gymnasium to better prepare for the match. In 2018 the University signed contracts with Jawanan and Afghan Nukhba gymnasiums.

Friendly matches with other Universities and institutes  

Since the futsal team of the University was formed it has had three friendly matches with teams of other institutions. The team was able to win two of the matches.

Friendly Matches with other teams:

In total the futsal team of the University has played against 15 other futsal teams and was able to win 12 matches.


  1. Forming an organized futsal team of the University;
  2. Proposal for establishing a sports department at the University;