Dr. Gulabshah Amani was born in 1984 in an educated family in Warsaj district of Takhar province. Since he came from an educated family, they decide to send him to school. He successfully completed his high school at Abo Osman Taluqani in Takhar and graduated from there in 2000. He was admitted to Kabul University after successfully passing the university entrance exam where he studied sociology; he graduated Kabul university in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

His hunger for more knowledge led him to leave his homeland and study a postgraduate program at Shiraz University (in Iran). He obtained his master’s degree in 2011, after which he was admitted to a Ph.D. program there. In addition to these, Dr. Amani attended several training workshops on capacity building, legislation methods, management and leadership.

Dr. Amani's work Experiences

Dr. Amani who is a true servant has worked in several positions; as an educated person he has tried to be useful and effective to his people and country through his works:

  • At the moment, Dr. Amani is the vice chancellor for research, cultural affairs and publication at Ghalib University;
  • Previously, he has worked as a dean of Social Sciences faculty of Kardan University;
  • In the past he has worked as an executive director of the Association of Private Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in Afghanistan;
  • Also previously, he worked as as a head of sociology department of Social Sciences faculty of Bamyan University;

Research Works of Dr. Gulabshah Amani:

Dr. Amani has significant research works either done individually or in partnership with other researcher:

The following is his individual research works:

  • Women Movements in Afghanistan: A Historical Perspective;
  • Rationalization from Weber’s Disenchantment to Peter Berger’s Desecularization of the World;
  • A Review of Montesquieu’s Political and Social Theory;
  • A Research on Peace for National Center for Policy Research at Kabul University;
  • A Review of Social Sociology;
  • A Review of Rationalization from Max Weber’s Perspectives;
  • A Review of socio-economic factors related to social identity of youths and students at Kabul University;

Joint research works:

  • A review of critical reflection on Modern Science; in collaboration with Professor Majid Mowahed;
  • A research on Jacques Lacan psychoanalysis theory; in collaboration with Professor Habib Ahmadi;
  • A research on Harris Bresson, in collaboration with professor Abeda Seljuki.
  • A research on sociology of arts, in collaboration with professor Sharifa Mirzakhil.
  • A research on theories and schools of thoughts in sociology, in collaboration with professor Sayed Nooraddin Alavi.
  • A research on Frankfort critical theory, in collaboration with professor Sayed Nooraddin Alavi.
  • A research on Max Weber’s theories, in collaboration with professor Sayed Nooraddin Alavi.
  • A research on Jürgen Habermas theories, in collaboration with professor Sayed Nooraddin Alavi.
  • A research on Western New Philosophy, in collaboration with professor Baryalay Fitrat.
  • A research on Karl Popper political theory, in collaboration with Professor Ahmad Zia Nikan.