Biography of Chancellor

Biography of Chancellor

Assistant Professor Dr. Faridulhaq Sohail, was born in 1977 in Jalriz district of Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan. He studied his elementary school at Dost Mohammad Khan primary school, Kabul. He studied his high school at IRC Experimental high school at Peshawar, Pakistan and graduated at 1994.

He admitted in Kabul Medical University (now Kabul Medical Science University) at Curative medicine faculty in 1995 and graduated in 2002.

In June 2002 after passing Cadre exam, he was hired as a lecturer of physiology, at Kabul medical university (now Kabul Medical Science University). He worked as lecturer at physiology department for three years and thought human physiology for 2nd and 3rd year curative and stomatology faculty students.


In July 2005 after passing another cadre exam in surgery principle, he was hired as the member of Thoracic Surgery department of Kabul Medical University at Aliabad Teaching Hospital. He was teaching assistant until 2009, meanwhile he was getting training of specialization in General Surgery at the same Aliabad teaching hospital from 2006, and became specialist of general surgery in 2011.

From 2009 to 2016, he was lecturer at the same thoracic surgery department of Kabul Medical University and was teaching thoracic surgery to grade 5 of curative medicine and stomatology students, and also was doing practical works with grade 5 and house job students of the same faculties.

From March to May 2008 successfully completed general sonography training (theory and practical) held by Afghan Doctors Association and the ministry of public health, in Kabul.

In 2009 he participated Teaching Training program in Tokyo university of Japan for two months and learnt the modern teaching methods for medical students (OSCE, PBL, CBL and practical working on simulators)

From January 14-2014- March 28-2014 joined AJFDP (Afghan Junior Faculty Development Program) held in Purdue University, Indiana USA. There he advanced his teaching skills, use of technology like PowerPoint, online libraries in medicine, research methods, group working strategies…

In 2010 he became the board member of the council of trustees of the Ghalib University with two branches in Herat and Kabul provinces (Ghalib University has faculties of: Curative Medicine, Stomatology, Law & Political Science and Economics in both branches and Computer Science in Herat branch). In 2014 he became academic advisor to Ghalib University, Kabul branch.

Oct-2015 - Feb—2016 OSLT (Occupational Specific Language Training in Health Science) George Brown College, Toronto, Canada.  Learning health job environment related English language program.

Since 2016 Up to now he is working as the Honorary Chancellor of Ghalib University (Kabul Branch)and  works remotely (from Toronto Canada), participate in academic and administrative councils remotely ( all other works are done by acting Chancellor of the university who is always available in university).

From early 2020 to December 2021 he studied Adult Echocardiography in Medical Science College of Canada. He successfully passed Sonography Canada Exam in Adult Echo (January 2022) & ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) Adult Echo Exam ( February 2022) and is now eligible to work as Cardiac Sonographer in Canada & USA. He is an Active Member of CMRITO (college of Medical Radiation & Imaging Technology of Ontario) 
Sonography Canada 

He is active member of Associations:

May-2006 up- to -date: Member of Afghanistan Medical Doctors Union

Sept: 2008 up-to-date: Member of KMU Lecturer’s Association

Sept 2008- up to date: member of Afghanistan Universities Lecturer’s Union

March 2017 up to now: member of ANSS (Afghan Network for Social Services) Toronto, Canada and is the active member of its health Committee and provided volunteer services to communities along GTA, specially during Covid-19 Pandemics.

Languages he Can speak, read and write (Pashto, Dari and English) fluently and he can speak Urdu very well and Arabic fair, he is also familiar with French.