The office of vice chancellor for administrative has significant roles for all functions of the University. It carefully oversees the overall operations of the University at all times, make inventories of all properties and assets of the institution, attracts human resources, and make and executive staff regulations and procedures. In addition, the vice chancellor for administrative offers backstopping support to the University such as financial management. The office of vice chancellor administrative strictly follows the laws and regulations to support the university achieve its vision and goals. The administrative vice chancellor ensures to create adequate resources, allocate funds and equipment, and create an enabling environment.

Hence the administrative vice chancellor is one of the most important unit of the University. In general, the vice chancellor for administrative supports and facilitates the overall activities of the University to achieve its educational, academic and research goals.

Introduction to Vice Chancellor:

Engineer Abdul Rab Ahadi is the vice chancellor for administration in Kabul branch of the University. Mr. Ahadi was born (1975) in district 7 of Kabul in an educated family. In 1995 he completed his secondary education and graduated from IRC’s high school with excellent grades.

Mr. Ahadi successfully passed the country’s public university entrance exam in 1997 and was admitted to Engineering faculty of Kabul University. after five years of study, Mr. Ahadi successfully graduated from the program in 2001. Mr. Ahadi since graduation has been serving his country and since 2015 he is appointed as administrative vice chancellor of the University.

Duties and responsibilities of the administrative vice chancellor:

  1. To be aware of all administrative affairs of the University;

  2. To cooperate with the chancellor on administrative, financial and services sectors;

  3. To provide necessary advice to the chancellor on administrative, financial and services issues;

  4. To provide necessary advice to the chancellor on recruitment, promotion, dismissal and pension benefits for non-academic staff of the University;

  5. To oversee financial and accounting affairs, procurements, inventories and all other administrative affairs of the University;

  6. To supply the university with needed transportation facilities;

  7. To prepare University’s operation and development budget taken into account all academic and non academic programs;

  8. To take appropriate legal measures on properties and assets of the University;

  9. To oversee employees and departments and their performances;

  10. To develop plans for physical infrastructure of the University;

  11. To oversee the publication and marketing affairs of the University;

  12. To ensure there are accurate and transparent monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets including income statement of the University;

  13.  To prepare annual financial report and balance sheet (income statement) and submit it to the University chancellor’s office and to the Ministry of Finance;

  14. To prepare monthly and annual reports on administration and management of the University and submit it to the chancellor’s office and senior management;

  15.  To prepare operations plan and programs to encourage and support profit-making activities of the University;

  16. To address challenges at the University in collaboration with other departments, faculties and offices of vice chancellors;

  17. To coordinate recruitment and dismissals issues of faculty administrative staff with the relevant faculties;

  18. To arrange and monitor implementation of decisions by the academic council on administrative issues;

  19. To facilitate and provide necessary arrangements for students’ practical and field works;

  20. To timely repair and maintain the University’s physical assets and infrastructures;

  21. To facilitate staff trips;

  22. To arrange contracts for the University’s rental properties, fuel etc.;

  23. To handle contracts for spaces rented for the University;

  24. To arrange passports, visas, and licenses for staff of the University when needed;

  25. To record all physical addresses of the entities of public and private education institutions;

  26. To ensure all obligations and responsibilities of staff are respected at the University;

  27. To preform other duties and tasks according to legislations;