English and Computer

English and Computer

English and Computer Department was established in Spring of 2020 and Faculty of economics was established at Ghalib University in 2011. It covers different semesters in graduating departments and four faculties with a different number of credit hours. Each semester is composed of 16 weeks. The English and Computer Department aims at educating students in the field of technology and English language. Students majoring in different fields will learn theories and practice in technology and English language. All the students will learn and apply the necessary knowledge of English language and technology in their fields.


English and Computer Department plans to prove itself as a reputable and quality department at Ghalib University over the next five years by using and innovating in a variety of English language teaching methods and computer skills.


English and Computer Department is committed to providing effective teaching methods in English and computer skills, among other disciplines, so that students can acquire the necessary language and technology skills and thus serve their community.