Department of Publications, Culture, and Public Relations

Department of Publications, Culture, and Public Relations

Mr. Fawad Abdullahi oversees the affairs of the department for publications, culture and public relations of the University. Mr. Abdullahi was born in Kabul in 1990; as a kid he migrated to his father hometown, Ghazni city, once the civil war started in Kabul. He completed his elementary schooling in Gulbahari school in the city. During the new interim government in 2002 he moved back to Kabul and enrolled at Habibiyah high school; later in 2007 he graduated from the high school.

A year later, in 2008 he enrolled at ATVI institute and pursued a DBA degree. In the same year he was admitted to faculty of literature (Farsi Literature) at Kabul University. In 2010 Mr. Abdullahi completed the DBA degree at ATVI institute and in 2014 he successfully graduated from Kabul University obtaining cadre grades. In 2017, Mr. Abdullahi began a Master’s study program at Payame Noor University.

In addition to his official study programs, Mr. Abdullahi had to work to provide for his family. Between 2012 to 2014 he worked at Kardan Private University and between 2014 to 2016 he worked as admin and finance officer for the Union of Private Higher Education Institutes; at a point of time he also worked as acting director of the union. In fall 2016, Mr. Abdullah joined Rana University as member of cadre where he began teaching in addition to managing inventories of the University. Since early 2018, Mr. Abdullahi serves as manager for cultural, communications and public relations of Ghalib University.

Mr. Abdullah has a keen interest in writing and poetry and in the near future he intends to publish his literary works.  The department of publications, culture and public relations of Ghalib University was established in early 2018. Some of its key activities include the following:

  1. To conduct and manage all cultural events, academic seminars and conferences at the University level;
  2. To create and operationalize a students’ association;
  3. To obtain license for a weekly publication titled “Ghalib Weekly”;
  4. To provide students with educational seminars on good writing skills;