Academic Research Center

Academic Research Center

The research center of the faculty of medical science at Ghalib University is one of the main units at the university that is established to promote academic research for quality and better higher education.


  • To develop and expand research in various fields of medical sciences;
  • To publish academic articles and books;
  • To establish the first ever …….
  • To enable increased private sector interventions in medical science research;
  • To ensure increased access to technologies for research work;
  • To facilitate and support researchers in medical science research;
  • To cooperate and partner with other educational and research institutions of the country;
  • To provide appropriate opportunities for enhanced research work in medical sciences;


  • To review and identify research needs in medical science;
  • To implement fundamental, experimental and developmental initiatives;
  • To facilitate execution of national and transnational projects and establishing international contacts in accordance to the country’s legislations;
  • To create an enabling environment for expanding university’s facilities and resources in medical science;
  • To conduct academic and professional workshops to improve skills and capacities of lecturers and students across the country;
  • To generate knowledge and ensure country’s self-sufficiency in terms of knowledge generation;
  • To streamline the University’s research infrastructures towards innovation, creativity, science, applied research works and knowledge generation and based on the contexts of Kabul and Herat Provinces;
  • To closely follow up innovative and creative initiatives at the University level through establishing committees and sub-committees;
  • To facilitate and support private enterprises in medical research, technology and products;
  • To closely cooperate with education and other vice chancellors’ offices as well as with other departments in order to ensure effective use of educational facilities, technologies and laboratories;
  • To develop, strengthen and manage research initiatives in line with the priorities set by the University;
  • To plan to extend and speed up the research processes into educational centers and to create necessary infrastructures to form research teams and to create a relevant advisory system;