Academic Programs

Academic Programs

There are four faculties at the Kabul branch of Ghalib University: Medical Science, Stomatology, Law and Political Science, and Economics. Currently students can graduate from the following departments: Medical Science, Stomatology, Judiciary and Prosecution, diplomacy and businesses administration.

Classes for medical science and stomatology are offered in the morning sessions, while classes for political science and economics are offered in the afternoons ad evenings. In addition, in order to accommodate clinical and practical work for medical and dental students, Ghalib cadre hospital was established in 2014 that supports faculties with their educational programs.

1.Faculty of Medicine Science

The faculty has four departments: anatomy, pathology, principle of internal medicine, and principles of surgery. The departments have 61 professors that offers MD degrees. Currently there are 874 students enrolled at these departments.

The medical science faculty was established in 2011. In 2016, students of the faculty began their Staj programs. Ghalib University to provide practical opportunities for its students has regular working relationship with public and private hospitals both inside and outside the country. Students, except in Kabul, can attend their Staj programs outside the country.

The faculty of medical science has a medical cadre hospital, eight laboratories, specialized and resource rich library, great study environment, latest education curriculum, and text books. In addition, the faculty is equipped with information technologies and regularly conducts academic seminars and conferences.

2.Faculty of Stomatology/Dentistry

Founded in 2011, there are currently 191 students enrolled at the faculty of stomatology of the University. There are 11 professors and academic staff who teaches the courses offered by the faculty. The faculty has a well-equipped dental clinic through it supports students’ education and learning by practical learning. In addition to theoretical studies, the faculty of stomatology pays particular attention to experimental education.

Ghalib’s Cadre Hospital and all other universities and clinics that the University has working relations with, also supports dentistry educations and facilitates student study programs.

Having latest technologies and teaching equipment, and modern curriculum help the faculty to educate professional dentists. The faculty’s professional lecturers, specialized and resource rich library are main attributes of the faculty. The faculty conducts regular academic seminars and conferences. All of these are unique characteristics of the faculty of stomatology at Ghalib University.

3.Faculty of Law and Political Science

Faculty of Law and Political Science has two departments. So far 111 students graduated from the departments who serve the society now. The graduates have been able to get great jobs and perform well. This demonstrates their high academic achievements. The faculty of law and political science was established in 2011. By 2017, the faculty graduated students from six rounds of study programs in two departments: Diplomacy and Administration, and Judiciary and Prosecution.

The faculty of law and political science has signed MoUs with government entities, which provides opportunities for cooperation. Academic trips, legal clinics, special libraries, textbooks, up-to-date curriculum, use of modern information technology, academic conferences and seminars are some of the main characteristics of the faculty; there are 13 lecturers leading and managing the faculty.

4.Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics was launched along with other faculties in 2011. So far the faculty has graduated six rounds of study program. The graduates of the faculty have been well received in the labor market of the country. The faculty has an active department of Business Administration where experienced academic staff are engaged in providing education services.

The Faculty of Economics is unique in having close academic relations with prestigious economic institutions. It is distinctive in conducting training workshops, academic seminars and conferences. It has an up to date curriculum and teaching materials. The faculty is very well equipped with modern teaching technologies.